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About Joyce van Randwijk

As a psychologist, I was urged to take a look into my own head. I discovered that maximising - getting the best out of PEOPLE, PLANET and PROFIT - really energises me.

I am thus interested in social, organisational, positive & environmental psychology.

I like TASTE! My Big Five For Life (the 5 things I really want to do at this time) are:

T o use my personal values, knowledge and experience in order to create an innovatory career test.

A ctively explore new places and experience new adventures.

S ee even more both strong and interesting personalities.

T ake off writing a fiction book about our environment.

E njoying the moment.


I am delighted to work at 'De Jonge Krijger' because here I explore oppurtunities to create study and career perspectives for our future generation. Also, I challenge people to discover what they really want to do.





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